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Extractive Industries Portal Data Workshop

Extractive Industries Portal Data Workshop

EITI Indonesia Secretariat collaborates with the World Bank and Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia hold a workshop on the Extractive Industry Data Portal at Hotel Century Park, Jakarta, August 7, 2018. The activity aims to encourage the use of extractive industry data portals to improve the transparency of extractive industries in Indonesia. The activity also aims to get input about the use and development of the data portal.

 The workshop was attended by around 25 participants from representatives of civil society, the media and academics. The participants are encouraged to be able to use the data in the data portal to be written / narrated and info graphics that are more easily understood by the community. Products sourced from the data portal can be used as material for public communication and advocacy on issues surrounding the extractive industry.

 Extractive Industry Data Portal was launched in mid-2017. The portal is a platform for obtaining extractive industry data in a periodic format and can be accessed by data per company and by province. Separate and easily downloaded data can be combined with other data sources to be processed into narratives or info graphics. The portal also provides facilities for data analysis. This facility will encourage users to be able to perform various types of analysis based on all available data from the EITI report and download the results of the analysis.

 The EITI Data Portal will be further developed to become an Indonesian extractive data portal that is not limited to EITI data, but also linked to other government agency databases. The next stage of portal development will be to adjust the existing extractive industry data systems (such as SKK Migas, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, or Ministry of Finance), so the portal can publish the most recent extractive industry data quickly and accurately.