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EITI Indonesia Scoping Note Second Report 2010-2011

This scoping note is the key technical guidance  document  underpinning the EITI Indonesia reports for calendar and fiscal years 2010 and 2011.   After some revisions, it has  received   final approval   from  the EITI Indonesia Implementation Team on December 23, 2013 and  January 28, 2014.

The scoping note:
–   Describes all  known oil, gas, mineral and coal  revenues conveyed by oil, gas, mineral and coal producers to the government of Indonesia in 2010 and  2011.
–   Where relevant, describes  how these revenues are calculated.
–   Specifies how much each revenue stream  amounted to in 2011, and what percentage that each represented out of the total of all oil and gas, and minerals and coal revenues  paid and received  nationally.
–   Specifies which revenues will be reported by companies as having been paid  by, and  which will be reported  by government as  having been received, and of those, which will be reconciled.
–   Specifies which companies are included, which are excluded,  and how that determination wa s made.
–   Specifies the level of disaggregation at which individual payments made by or received from individual companies will be published by EITI Indonesia
–   Describes how the quality of reported data is assured