Wednesday , 31 May 2023
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This Public Service Contains the Guidelines for a Community Complaint Report

Public complaints are intended as a complaint media, complaints, brainstorming, constructive ideas or suggestions about public or private agencies delivered by the public to public service providers. Complainants are individuals or groups who submit complaints either orally or in writing to the government or public service providers. public complaint information can be directed to email

Grievance Procedure:

1. Visitors acting as complainants should provide the complainant’s identity information, the relevance of the claimant’s interests, a full explanation of the matter being filed, the evidence the claimant has. The identity of the complainant will be kept confidential;

2. The contents of the message conveyed should take into account the ethics of the language;

3. Sent messages will be selected by the editor;

Next please send a complaint to

We also work with the Online Aspiration and Complaints Service (LAPOR!) Which is a public and two-way social media application. This report is being finalized by the Office of the Presidential Staff (KSP)

As for those who want to complain online aspirations can click on the link