Wednesday , 8 December 2021
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Open Data Policy for EITI Indonesia

Extractive industry is one of the strategic sectors in Indonesia, considering its large contribution to various aspects of life and development, for the economic sector, regional development and other development sectors. The management of extractive industries such as petroleum has been carried out since before Indonesia became independent, initially only involving large companies and the central government, but currently also involves many parties such as local governments, communities, and companies that are relatively not too large.  In the mineral and coal mining industry, management by medium and small companies and also cooperative is also increasingly difficult to avoid.  On the one hand, the involvement of many parties can have a positive impact on equitable development, but on the other hand, in particular the environmental impacts of poor management will harm the community and the state.  Considering that natural resources are non-renewable resources, poor management should be repaired immediately.  Therefore, information disclosure regarding governance, input, output and impact of extractive industry management is one of the prerequisites for community involvement that will encourage sustainable management and bring benefits to the community and the future of Indonesia.