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Oil and Gas Company Statement Sheet 2015

Assessment on Data Reliability in EITI Report 2015:

1. Mineral and Coal Companies:
– Number of companies that compulsory to submit report are 123 companies
– Number of companies that submit report are 85 companies
– Among 85 companies that submitted report, there were 8 companies did not give letter of assurance from it’s authorized director. These companies share 1,76% of total non-tax revenues (PNBP).

2. Oil and Gas Companies:
– Similar with mineral and coal companies in Oil and Gas Companies, only 5 companies (among 64 companies) did not submitted letter of assurance from it’s director. They share 0,49% of total lifting value.

The analysis of this calculation is shown at the following tables:

And this is the appendix of statetment letter of its companies (Mining and Coal & Oil and Gas)

Migas Statement Letter migas-statement-letter.pdf (1 MB) (592 clicks)