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Indonesia submitted its Validation Report to the EITI Validation Committee

Indonesia have submitted its final Validation Report, accompanied by response and explanation documentation, to the EITI Validation Committe for considerations. Based on this Report, and the accompanying documentation, the committe will deliberate and make decision on whether Indonesia have managed to merit the “EITI Compliant Country” status.

The Validation Report is an assessment of the implementation of EITI in Indonesia, as part of an effort to fulfill 18 requirements of the 2011 EITI Rules and Regulations. From the total 18 requirements, some have as yet to be fulfilled by EITI Indonesia. Nevertheless, the Implementation Team had conveyed explanations on some of those unmet requirements where the validators reasoning is considered to be incomplete.

This Validation report noted some innovations and significant advancement which had been made in Indonesias first EITI report, such as the comprehensive inclusion of volume data in the oil and gas sector as well as income proceeds generated from said volumes extracted.

Nevertheless, recommendations which notes weaknesses in Indonesias EITI process were also made in regards to levels of involvement by the reconciler as well as bureaucratic process which hindered administrative setlements of various project stages.

However, despite the challenges faced, Indonesia have managed to fulfilled the EITI rules and regulations.

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