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EITI Accepted in ASEAN Mineral Cooperation “Ministry for Economic Affairs”

The ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Minerals (AMMin) meeting held in Hanoi, Vietnam, December 9, 2011 ratified the ASEAN Mineral Cooperation Action Plan (AMCAP) 2011-2015: Dynamic ASEAN Sector Sector Initiative for Prosperous. The new AMCAP is an action plan for implementing mineral cooperation in the ASEAN region. Until the next five years.

In a meeting led by H.E. Nguyen Minh Quang, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam, ASEAN State Minerals Ministers as acclamist received a proposal from Indonesia to hold a series of capacity building activities on the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in ASEAN as part of the AMCAP work program 2011-2015.

The Ministerial Meeting in Hanoi was the culmination of a series of four days of meetings since December 6, 2012, which began with the 8th meeting of the four ASOMM working groups, followed by the ASEAN Senior Official Meeting for the 11th Mineral (ASOMM), ASOMM + 3 (China , South Korea and Japan) 4th, closed with the 3rd AMMin.

The Indonesian delegation at the 3rd ASOMM was led by Dr. Ir. Hadiyanto, MSc, Expert Staff of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources in the field of Institutional and Strategic Planning. While the head of the Indonesian delegation at AMMin is the Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Prof. Dr. Widjajono Partowidagdo. KESDM Director General of Mineral and Coal is the focal point of ASEAN Mineral Cooperation in Indonesia.

In connection with the agenda of Indonesia’s leadership in ASEAN which just ended at the Summit last November, the Indonesian delegation had previously prepared a proposal to include EITI in AMCAP 2011-2015. Prior to being delivered at ASOMM and AMMin, the proposal was communicated with Vietnam first as Chair of the 11th ASOMM and the ASEAN Secretariat which facilitated the entire set of processes.

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