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Data on Commodity Production Value

Commodity Value Data Infogram Mineral Commodity Value Calculation 2015 No Commodity Unit Production Average Price (Per-year) Total Value (USD) 1 Copper $/mt                     197,634                                  5,510          1,089,053,593 2 Gold $/toz                 3,118,550                                  1,161          3,619,586,638 3 Nickle $/mt                       82,440                                11,863              977,954,599 4 Silver $/toz               10,223,700                                        16              160,725,084 5 Tin $/mt                       70,073                                16,067          1,125,836,614 Calculation of Coal Production Value in 2011-2015 Year Production (Million Ton) Reference coal price (USD/ton) average exchange rate of BI (Rp/$) Calorie Value (kcal/kg) Total Value Billion USD Trillion IDR 2011                    353                     118 9068 6322  41,6  377,7 ... Read More »

Oil and Gas Company Statement Sheet 2015

Assessment on Data Reliability in EITI Report 2015: 1. Mineral and Coal Companies: – Number of companies that compulsory to submit report are 123 companies – Number of companies that submit report are 85 companies – Among 85 companies that submitted report, there were 8 companies did not give letter of assurance from it’s authorized director. These companies share 1,76% of total non-tax revenues (PNBP). 2. Oil and Gas Companies: – Similar with mineral and coal companies in Oil and Gas Companies, only 5 companies (among 64 companies) did not submitted letter of assurance from it’s director. They share 0,49% of total lifting value. ... Read More »

EITI 2015 Reporting Form – PT Pertamina

Here is the data of EITI 2015 reporting form filled by PT. Pertamina. – Dividends paid to the Government – Additional capital from the Government – Petroleum Exports – Natural Gas Exports – Provision of Infrastructure – Toll Fee – Realization of 3kg of BBM and LPG subsidy. Read More »

Data Revenue of EITI 2015

The following revenue data including EITI standard requirements such as Revenue Allocation, Revenue Collection and Socio-economic Contribution, the data is taken from EITI report 2015: 1. Data of State Revenue of Mineral and Coal Companies in 2015. This dataset contains a description of the column: – Company List (PKP2B, KK, IUP) – PDRD (Local Tax and Regional Retribution) – PBB (Land Tax) – Direct Payment to Local Government – CSR – Provision of Infrastructure – PNBP of forest area – DMO of Coal 2. State of Revenue Data of Oil and Gas Company (KKKS Operator) in 2015. This dataset contains ... Read More »

List of Reporting Company Entities 2015

The following is the Entity Entity of the Reporting Entity of 2015, which includes KKKS Operator companies and minerals companies, among them as follows: 1. Operator Company KKKS (Oil and Gas) 2. Mineral and Coal Company Read More »