Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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[KataDatanews] Government and Mining Companies Asked for More Transparent Data Problems “CSO Statement”

Efforts to encourage data transparency in the mining sector continue to be echoed by several parties. The goal is that better management of natural resources in Indonesia. Publish What Your Pay (PWYP) Advocacy and Networking Manager Ariyanto Nugroho said that to encourage transparency there is a need for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiatives (EITI) in Indonesia. EITI is a global standard for transparency in the extractive sector, such as oil, natural gas, minerals and coal). The main part of this standard is the process where a comparison is made between government payments made by companies in this sector and government ... Read More »

[Go] Secretary of Riau Province Demands Reconciliation of Oil and Gas DBH to the Center “Local Gov Statement”

BATAM – The Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Riau is asking to be given access to find out the deduction component and other levies in the calculation of oil and gas profit sharing funds (DBH). He directed the request to the Ministry of Finance (Ministry of Finance) and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) with the aim of the welfare of the community in Riau in the future. Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Riau Province, Ahmad Hijazi, said that the request was related to the Government Regulation concerning DBH which stated that the central government was reconciling with the regional ... Read More »

[] Beneficial Owners Issues, Sharing Experience with Progressive Countries at the 2018 IMF WB Annual Meeting “KSP Statement” – In recent years, efforts to track the real ownership of the corporate empire and complex ownership tree layers. (Beneficial Ownerships / BO) have become a common concern. And it has produced a joint commitment between the government and between international agencies. One of the highlights is a joint communiqué that was produced from the London Anti-Corruption Summit in 2016. BO transparency has emerged as a global norm that has been ratified as an international standard in the G20 high level principles. And also included in the commitment to eradicate money laundering and funding of international terrorism. Also several ... Read More »

[Skalanews] Pak Darmin gave an EITI statement “Menko Statement”

Darmin said the submission of the LHKPN was part of governance as well as an effort of supervision and law enforcement to prevent corruption in the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs. For this reason, the launching of an integrity zone is important so that the institution of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs establishes itself as an institution that has a commitment to prevent KKN, realize corruption-free areas, and accountable bureaucratic reform in all work units. “Bureaucracy is a modern organization that must be subject to standards. And because the Ministry of Coordinating Office is the center of the policy ... Read More »

[] Did Not Give Production Data, Minerba Company’s Work Plan Revoked

Jakarta – The government will revoke the mineral and coal companies’ Work Plan and Budget (RKAB) which does not submit data on production and sales that support the Mineral Online Monitoring System (MOMS) application. The government gives time no later than next Friday. In the launch of the MOMS application, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arcandra Tahar had asked the company representatives present to express objections to the discourse. “Who is not willing to enter the latest data next week, Friday next week? I give it a week. For all comply with the data needed by MOMS ... Read More »

[] Arcandra Launches Data Minerba and PNBP Online Applications

Jakarta – The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) launched Minerba Online Monitoring System (MOMS) and e-PNBP Minerba applications this morning. The launch of the application took place at the Office of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Central Jakarta, Friday (11/02/2018). MOMS is a real time data management application for the production and sale of the coal mineral sector (mineral). The existence of MOMS will facilitate control and supervision on the production and sales of the mineral sector. Meanwhile, e-PNBP Minerba is a web-based online application for the calculation and payment of non-tax state revenues (PNBP). There ... Read More »

[] Encourage Extractive Industries Transparency

Jakarta, Kompas – Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Indonesia requests 129 oil and gas companies, minerals and coal to report non-tax revenues that have been deposited to the country. This is to encourage transparency in extractive industries. According to the Chair of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Team of Indonesia, Erry Riyana Hardjapamekas at a media meeting on Monday (7/11) in Jakarta, Indonesia is currently implementing the EITI, a global initiative for transparency in oil, gas and mineral. Oil and gas companies (oil and gas) and the mine report the amount of income they have provided to the government by ... Read More »

[Detikcom] SBY Issues Presidential Regulation on Transparency of Extractive Industry Deposits “President SBY Statement”

Jakarta – President SBY is known to have signed Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 26 of 2010 concerning Transparency of State Revenues and Regional Revenues Obtained from Extractive Industries. With the new regulation signed by the president on April 23, it is expected that all exploitation and sales efforts from the oil and gas and mining industries can be more transparent. But some people are pessimistic that this new rule can guarantee transparency in state revenues from the oil and gas and mining sectors. State revenues and revenue sharing funds (DBH) for the regions are believed to be no longer transparent. ... Read More »