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Workshop for Journalist and Site Visit to Pongkor, 7-8 September 2015

EITI Indonesia Secretariat in cooperation with PT. Antam (Persero) held a workshop specifically aimed for the journalists. This event was split into two days of activities : in-house workshop sessions on the first day and site visit to a gold mine owned by PT. Antam (Persero) in Pongkor, West Java on the second day. The purpose of this activity is to provide knowledge and briefing to journalists related issues in extractive industries. Read More »

Training on Gaps in Draft Inception Report with EITI Standard

This event is aimed to analyze the gaps between the inception report draft with the EITI standard. The materials from this discussion is based on  the analysis carried out by NRGI (Natural Resources Governance Institute) and the Country Manager of the  EITI International Secretariat. Discussions conducted with the technical team of EITI Indonesia, Emannuele Bria (NRGI), and Alex Gordy (EITI International Secretariat) through skype connection. Read More »

Overview of Extractive Industries Transparency in Indonesia – 2012 State Revenue and Contextual Information

Indonesia has committed to promote disclosure of extractive industries sector. Since the end of 2012 central government as well as some local government entities have initiated series of reforms and improvements of this sector. In addition, a number of data and information have been better published on the government official websites for public consumption. This paper presents a summary of publicly available information on the extractive sector for financial year 2012. Read More »

SKK Migas dan 71 Kontraktor KKS Terima Apresiasi EITI

Jakarta— Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Perekonomian Republik Indonesia menyerahkan apresiasi kepada Satuan Kerja Khusus Pelaksana Kegiatan Usaha Hulu Minyak dan Gas Bumi (SKK Migas) dan 71 Kontraktor Kontrak Kerja Sama (Kontraktor KKS) tahap produksi atas partisipasi dan kerja sama dalam menyukseskan penerapan azas transparansi di industri ekstraktif Indonesia. “Penghargaan ini merupakan bukti bahwa SKK Migas dan industri hulu migas sangat mendukung semua upaya untuk meningkatkan transparansi dan akuntabilitas pada industri ekstraktif di Indonesia,” ujar Kepala Bagian Hubungan Masyarakat SKK Migas Rudianto Rimbono. Sebagaimana diketahui, untuk mendorong transparansi dalam industri ekstraktif Indonesia, pada 23 April 2010, Pemerintah Republik Indonesia telah memberlakukan Peraturan ... Read More »

Indonesia recognised as compliant with EITI transparency standard

Clare Short: Indonesia shows that also a country with a large natural resource sector can be transparent. Wednesday, 15 October 2014 – Indonesia was today accepted as a full member of the EITI. As ‘compliant’ with the global EITI transparency standard, citizens of Indonesia have access to extensive information about how their natural resources are governed. Industry, government and civil society in the country are working together to inform the debate about the management of its oil, gas and mineral resources. The international EITI Board designated the country ‘EITI compliant’ at its meeting in Myanmar and congratulated the Government of ... Read More »

The Road to Compliance: EITI Indonesia’s Challenges

This summer Indonesia submitted its second 2010-2011 report to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), marking the global coalition’s 200th published report. Despite this achievement, the long-awaited submission has raised concerns over EITI implementation in the country. According to EITI’s reporting requirements, the 2010-2011 reports should have been published last year. Consequently, Indonesia risks being delisted as a candidate country. Several factors are to blame. In its first report, Indonesia struggled to reconcile different accounting standards (cash versus accrual basis), access corporate tax information, or in some cases document financial transactions. But in October 2013, the EITI Board eventually concluded ... Read More »